The Need
Ft. Bragg is home to the Army Airborne and Special Operations Forces as well as the Command Headquarters. The 52,000 Active Duty Soldiers and 77,000 Family members at Ft. Bragg represent 10% of the Army. They have the highest operational tempo in the Army, with two Brigade Combat Teams deploying, two just have returned and two currently in theater.
Fort Bragg - Iron Mike
These soldiers and their families make up a special community with their own culture, history and language…they share a common calling — to define our freedom even at the price of laying down their lives.

They are a culture with pride and professionalism, but also one that has endured the physical and emotional, mental and moral wounds and pain of more than 10 years of war.





We owe them a debt that cannot be paid, but we can come along side them and their families with Christ’s love.